Saturday, 24 November 2012

Political Status Picket, Dublin City

On Saturday the 1st of December there will be a picket in support of the protesting Republican POWs on Dublin's O'Connell Street opposite the GPO.  The meeting will take place at 12.45pm and will end around 1.45pm.

All Welcome.

Currently in Maghaberry Prison, CABHAIR & Cógus POWs are engaged in a Dirty Protest to end the vile practice of forced Strip Searches, Controlled Movement, 23hr Lock-up and Brutal Beatings by overtly Loyalist Prison Staff.  This Dirty Protest bears striking resemblance to the Dirty Protest engaged in by the "Blanketmen" in Long Kesh prior to the Hunger Strikes of 1981.  Don't let history repeat itself, support the POWs.

Naturally the protest would rather be ended however in August 2010 a deal was reached between the POWs and the Prison Staff to install a BOSS Chair which would scan the men as they leave their cells thus removing the need to engage in sadistic strip searches.  The Brits failed to stick to their end of the agreement and continued to use strip searches, this left the POWs with no option but to go back on full Protest.

Join us in calling for the complete implementation of the August 2010 agreement.

Please Send Donations to;
CABHAIR:  Irish Republican Prisoners' Dependent's Fund,
223 Sráid Pharnell,
BÁC 1, Éire.

Teil: 01-872 9747

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