Monday, 19 November 2012

Social Services Card or Precursor to National ID Card?

On the 10th of November 2012 the Social Welfare Services Office addressed at Main Street, Ballybay, Co. Monaghan sent out a letter to a supporter of Republican Sinn Féin who in turn showed it to a member of the Seán Costello / Martin Hurson Cumann, the person who received the letter does not want to be identified for obvious reasons. The letter asked some bizarre questions, the intent by the Government is fairly obvious; to collect the most sensitive of information belonging to each citizen as a step towards the implementation of a National ID Card which are in effect in most European Union countries.

The form asked various questions from your childhood nickname, the surname of your childhood best friend to your favourite sport, your first car, your first holiday etc. Seems all very innocent, it is made to seem this way but in reality the Government does not need to know this much about your private life, remember you are a free citizen and the Government is there to serve you not the other way around.

Your personal details such as your date of birth, former surnames and your mother’s surname will be electronically encoded on the card along with your signature and photograph. As this is being phased in the possibility should not be ruled out of fingerprints beings electronically encoded at a later date under the pretence of further increasing security.

In 2009 when the idea of the National ID Card was unveiled for all over the age of 16 there was much opposition, the Government realizing they could not bring it in with popular support somewhat withdrew, all went quiet and now they are sending out letters “asking” you to voluntarily agree to supply information which will be used as the groundwork for their agenda.

As a point of interest to readers; currently in the United States on a voluntarily basis they are actually micro chipping people with RFID chips with the aim of making it compulsory long term.

As the 26-County Government tries to introduce through the back door a National ID Card we should look further down the line and weigh up what the implications could be for future generations. Will our children be proud citizens with a government that operates truly with the welfare of the State at heart or will future citizens be treated like cattle by a bureaucratic elite.

Each individual decision we make today has an impact on our future society.

We call on people to protect their civil liberties and to refuse to fill out the form which states, “If you do not consent to this information being used, then you need take no further action.” If you support this view inform family and friends that it is in their long term interest not to consent to this personal information being collected.


Cumann Seán Costello / Martin Hurson,
Republican Sinn Féin, Westmeath.

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