Sunday, 4 August 2013

Republican Sinn Féin Youth.

Republican Sinn Fein recognises the
importance of youth in its organisation.
Unlike many other political organisation we do not have a separate organisation for younger members. All members of RSF are of equal importance irrespective of age. Younger members can participate in all activities on an equal footing with their older colleagues. There is an equal chance that their voice and opinions will be heard and their vote whether it be at cumann or ard fheis level is of equal value. RSF places great value on its youth members. It is these younger members that keep the organisation in touch with a generation of Irish people. It is also through them that we can estimate the future concerns of Irish society e.g. partition, unemployment, drugs etc. Our younger members also provide us with new ways of thinking and new approaches to our problems. The vigour and energy of our young members has been and continues to be essential to the success of many of our campaigns and activities. At rallies and demonstrations our younger members are always at the forefront. Postering, leafleting, collections and paper sales are just some of the areas where the energy of our younger members can be utilised to its greatest potential. Join the young revolutionaries of Republican Sinn Fein today to work on change for tomorrow.

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